Colts 1 Weekend in Review - Round 4, 13 April 2019

April 16, 2019
Coach Will Cotterill's  Weekend in Review - Round 4, 13 April 2019

Coach Will Cotterill's Weekend in Review - Round 4, 13 April 2019

By Andrew Mckaysmith

The Bond University QRU Premier Colts 1 team achieved a 2-point victory over Easts Tigers in a close encounter at Bond rugby headquarters on Saturday April 13.

The 26-24 win over Easts means that Bond are now fourth on the ladder with a two from four win/ loss record at the time of writing.

Prior to the match against Easts, coach Will Cotterill said the win against GPS in round 3 was essential if the side wanted to vie for honours at seasons end.

“It was good to get that win under our belt, it was one of those games that you have to win if you're going to be in contention for one of the top four spots at the end of the year,” Mr Cotterill said.

“There's certain games throughout the year that you have to win and GPS for us was one of those.

“It’s the same for this weekend (against Easts), it's a must win game, I know it's early in the year and it sounds crazy, but they're just very important to get those wins.”

Mr Cotterill has been a part of Bond’s coaching staff since 2017.

He said he enjoyed coaching at the under 19s and that it gave him the opportunity to help shape the careers of emerging rugby players.

“One of the things I really enjoy coaching this age (group) is that there's still so much to learn about life and rugby and balancing the two,” Mr Cotterill said.

“We've got players that are either at university and they’re under a bit of pressure there because of study, then we've got other players that are working and also trying to get to training.

“To balance out their work schedule and their rugby training and aspirations in that area, I’m really enjoying helping them through it.”

Mr Cotterill has been working hard to ensure his players understand the value of teamwork.

He said it was important for the playing group to mingle as a group away from the training and playing environment.

“We've got social captains this year, they've got their own private communication channels amongst the playing group, they're going out and socialising together,” Mr Cotterill said.

“Tuesday night next week, because we've got the Easter bye and we're having our first awards night so we've been keeping track of the top attendees and guys that are playing well, fitness challenges and things like that, we can give out awards for.”

Bond has a bye in round 5 so catch all the action at the next match in round 6 which is an away fixture at Souths rugby.